Amtech Inspection Services offers Ozone Air Purification for homes, apartments, businesses, hotels, RV's, automobiles, and boats. Our Ozone Shock Therapy eliminates odors, fungus, germs, dust mites, viruses, bacteria, and molds. A one year warranty is provided, which is transferable to future owners. 

Using the most powerful ozone generation equipment, the contaminated area is saturated with highly concentrated levels of ozone. No people, plants, or pets may be present during the treatment. Depending upon the severity of the problem, the treatment may be maintained for several hours. After purification, fans evacuate the ozonated air. The area is tested to ensure safe levels of ozone and the job is complete. 

Ozone Technology: Ozone is an unstable molecule consisting of three atoms of oxygen whereas a 'normal' oxygen molecule has only two atoms of oxygen. Because the ozone molecule is so unstable, it quickly breaks off its extra oxygen atom which goes in search of another atom to bond to. If it finds another oxygen atom, it will form a new molecule of normal oxygen. But if it finds a carbon or sulfur molecule it will break into that molecule destroying its molecular structure in the process. 

All living beings are based on carbon and carbon bonds. For small organisms like viruses and bacteria, the breaking of the carbon bonds causes death. For odors emanating from man made compounds, the breaking of the carbon or sulfur bonds will destroy the compound and its odor. This simple process is how ozone does its purification work. 

Once mold is eradicated, Amtech offers the option to install a Humidex moisture control unit to prevent the problems that lead to mold.