Musty odors or moisture problem in your home? Occupant health issues such as: irritated eyes, headaches, chronic fatigue, sinus and respiratory infections and asthma? 


Humidex is a moisture control and ventilation appliance permanently installed in a basement or crawl space for year round improved indoor air quality. A quiet, powerful fan draws moist/contaminated air into the bottom vents and expels it out of the house through a six inch duct. Conditioned replacement air is drawn down from the upper level of the house. The relative humidity is lowered and a healthy air exchange takes place 6 to 10 times daily. A humidistat monitors the humidity and regulates the air flow. Humidex expels odors, gases, toxins, pollutants and the moisture that allows mold growth.

  • Heavy duty units professionally installed.
  • Corrosion free aluminum cabinets.
  • All parts, ducting and outside vent included.
  • Variable speed fan and adjustable humidistat.
  • Maintenance free! No water to empty or filters to replace.
  • Energy efficient. (29 watts/0.25 amps) About $6 a month to operate compared to $35 a month for conventional dehumidifiers. Uses a standard electrical receptacle.
  • Operates safely 24/7 even when occupants are away for extended periods.
  • Crawl space foundation vents (an entry point for mold spores and moist air) are no longer needed and are sealed air tight.
  • Ten year warranty on parts and a one year satisfaction guarantee.
  • A capital improvement and a positive home selling point.

Don’t wait for moisture problems or health issues to get worse. Start the HUMIDEX home improvement process and enjoy a breath of fresh air in a healthy home. Visit the Humidex web site for more information or call Amtech TODAY!