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Musty odors or moisture problem in your home? Occupant health issues such as: irritated eyes, headaches, chronic fatigue, sinus and respiratory infections and asthma? 


Humidex is a moisture control and ventilation appliance permanently installed in a basement or crawl space for year round improved indoor air quality. A quiet, powerful fan draws moist/contaminated air into the bottom vents and expels it out of the house through a six inch duct. Conditioned replacement air is drawn down from the upper level of the house. The relative humidity is lowered and a healthy air exchange takes place 6 to 10 times daily. A humidistat monitors the humidity and regulates the air flow. Humidex expels odors, gases, toxins, pollutants and the moisture that allows mold growth.

  • Heavy duty units professionally installed.
  • Corrosion free aluminum cabinets.
  • All parts, ducting and outside vent included.
  • Variable speed fan and adjustable humidistat.
  • Maintenance free! No water to empty or filters to replace.
  • Energy efficient. (29 watts/0.25 amps) About $6 a month to operate compared to $35 a month for conventional dehumidifiers. Uses a standard electrical receptacle.
  • Operates safely 24/7 even when occupants are away for extended periods.
  • Crawl space foundation vents (an entry point for mold spores and moist air) are no longer needed and are sealed air tight.
  • Ten year warranty on parts and a one year satisfaction guarantee.
  • A capital improvement and a positive home selling point.

Don’t wait for moisture problems or health issues to get worse. Start the HUMIDEX home improvement process and enjoy a breath of fresh air in a healthy home. Visit the Humidex web site for more information or call Amtech TODAY!

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Roof and surface water must be controlled to maintain a dry basement or crawl space and prevent mold growth and indoor air quality problems. This means keeping gutters cleaned out and aligned, adding downspout extensions, installing splash blocks, and building up the grade so that roof and surface water are diverted away from the building. 

Additional Steps:

  • Install an overlapped 6 mil plastic vapor barrier over all crawl space dirt.
  • Insulate plumbing pipes and ductwork.
  • Seal all cracks or holes in the foundation or basement walls.
  • Maintain indoor and crawl space humidity levels close to 50% year-round.
  • Check that all kitchen, bathroom and clothes dryer exhausts vent to the exterior and ducts are without holes or tears.
  • Periodically check attics, crawl spaces and basements for plumbing leaks or signs of moisture intrusion.
  • If a sump pump is present, the crock or well should be covered and the pipe should discharge water at least 2 or 3 feet from the building.
  • Trim back foliage one foot away from the building.
  • Close foundation vents in summer.

Other Sources of Interior Moisture:

  • Condensation caused by indoor humidity that is too high or surfaces that are too cold. (Reduce humidity or add insulation.)
  • Humidifiers
  • Gas ranges/ovens
  • Unvented combustion heaters
  • Faulty vented gas appliances
  • Firewood stored indoors
  • Cooking and dishwasher drying cycle
  • Houseplants and aquariums
  • Bathing and showering
  • Hanging clothes to dry indoors
  • Refrigerator defrost cycles and drip pans

Finally, you may want to consider the Humidex Moisture Control and Ventilation System. Humidex is your solution for excess humidity and poor indoor air quality. This innovative ventilation unit provides a healthier home environment by improving the air quality and expelling moist air that nurtures molds and creates condensation. Visit the Humidex page for more information.